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With the economic downturn, it seems that people with wealth are looking more and more for complaint asset protection planning that will protect their assets from an increasingly desperate society looking for excuses to sue people and recover whatever they can. We integrate your wealth to include solid ways to protect your assets from divorce, frivolous lawsuits and the IRS.

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Many accountants simply transfer and record your history on your tax form. This typically causes taxpayers to send more money to Uncle Sam than necessary. We review previous years tax returns and proactively work with our clients to integrate techniques that put more money in your pocket and less in Uncle Sam's.

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Coaching - The Missing Piece to Your Profit Plan!

Choosing the form of entity under which a business will operate is one of the first, and often the most important, decisions a business owner will make. Selecting a business entity can be a complex decision with long-term effects on the ownership, owner liability and taxation of a business. We work with clients to use entities and benefit plans to grow and protect the wealth of the owners.

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We teach our clients to implement a method of portfolio management used by most corporate pension plans today. We shun common myths of investing like stock picking, market timing, and past performance. Instead, we guide each client through a program that not only educates, but ensures the necessary steps are taken toward reaching your investment goals. Watch this clip  of Main Street Moneynationally televised on public television beginning in 2012.

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Welcome to Finish Rich Now​! We are a wealth coaching firm dedicated to helping our clients achieve peace of mind financially and emotionally. Just as those at the top of their fields retain coaches to enable them to reach peak performance, so must individuals. Our coaching program provides wealth organization along with how to make smart choices in asset accumulation, tax planning, estate, and asset protection. We are INDEPENDENT. We are not associated with any brokerage or insurance company so we can work in our client’s best interest.

One client's observation: 

We have been using Woodie as a financial adviser/coach for just over five years. Her insights combined with her disciplined and systematic approach to financial organization has been incredibly beneficial to our family. Her advice has been invaluable on issues ranging from life/disability insurance, estate planning and structuring of investment vehicles. As a working professional it is very difficult (and time consuming) to stay on top of all facets relating to financial organization; Woodie has not only organized us, she is actively working to ensure we are thinking ahead strategically as our family grows and our financial circumstances evolve. She is very personable and diligent. I would highly recommend Woodie's services to anyone looking for assistance with financial planning.Jon Chambers, Market Risk Mgmt.

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