• How to sock away more money for retirement beyond the benefits of 401ks and IRAs.
  • How to deduct all your medical, dental and vision expenses.How your spouse and kids can save you thousands of dollars... tax-free.
  • How to deduct your children's music and dance lessons, summer camp, private school, college expenses, and more.
  • How to start your own business with tax-free money from your boss.
  • How to double your 401k plan the first year.
  • How to sell assets for a profit, like stocks and real estate, and not pay a dime in taxes.

It's NOT how much you make, it's how much you KEEP!


WARNING: Small business ventures and real estate investing can be fun and profitable, but you can lose your shirt if you are not careful.  Pitfalls to watch include...

  • Operating with the wrong business entity.
  • Having assets in your name.
  • Poor legal and tax advice.

Do you feel like this every April 15th?

‚ÄčSuppose you could take this year's tax bill... tear it in half... and write a new one for $1,000 to $10,000 LESS?

Even with the increase in taxes, there are still ways to slash literally thousands of dollars from your annual tax bill that most Americans overlook every year.  We have seen people pay $12,000 on one return... then turn around and pay just $700 on the next year's return without any changes in income.

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