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    One of our clients recently was quoted a life insurance policy for his family.  After reviewing the proposal, the cost was quadruple the amount that he needed to pay.  In addition, the agent was not including the valuable waiver of premium.  The amount of money saved getting a more appropriate policy not only allowed him to have the safeguard of having the premium on the life insurance policy waived if he became disabled, but also freed up money to purchase a personal income protection plan if he became seriously ill or was in a critical accident.  The new plan we recommended provided money to support him and his family with much more peace of mind.

  • Are you overwhelmed with your career and family life that you have little time to make sure your profit plan is on the right track?
  • When was the last time you had an unbiased review of all your important financial papers?

After 4 decades of working with individuals I have found there is a big hole that is costing people huge sums of money.  That big hole is the lack of two things:

  1. Financial professional ability to bring all the financial tools and solutions (investments, tax reduction, estate planning) into a solid long-term financial strategy, and

  2. Lack of organization and the time to stay organized.

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  • Do you know where ALL your important documents are located?       
  • Do you and your family have a system to immediately locate your advisers, insurance agents and companies, account numbers, bank accounts, and business information?
  • Do you know your account numbers for your investments, IRAs, bank accounts, and insurance policies
  • Do you know where your wills and medical directive are located.  Do they need to updated with new beneficiaries, executors, or agents?

Do you need help getting your financial life in order?

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