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Are You Putting Your Personal Assets at Risk?

  • Lawsuits are an everyday threat now more than ever to your financial well-being. Asset protection is a vital component in estate planning to ensure you protect your money for youself and your heirs. 
  • Beware of Wills:   For most people, a traditional Will is the standard method for transferring assets and completing final affairs.  Wills create confidence, a sense that family members will be protected.  Unfortunately, this is often not the case.  
How would you feel if a thief put a gun to your head and demanded your money, credit cards, jewelry, and keys to your home and cars? 

How would you feel if you got too sick or hurt from an accident to manage your financial affairs?

Scared? Vulnerable? Violated? 

I expect you would feel the same way with a lawsuit that threatens your assets and your livelihood.  Or your family applying for Conservatorship?   When you bulletproof your assets, lawyers and greedy plaintiffs will not be able to touch you and your assets.  When you create strategies to protect yourself from the courts and disgruntle heirs, your wishes can be fulfilled.  You may have set up some business structures to protect yourself, but if you ordered something online and don't have the complete documents, you may be filing your tax return correctly but you may not be protected from lawsuits.

You may have a traditional will for transferring assets and completing final affairs giving you confidence and a sense that family members will be protected. Unfortunately this is often not what happens.

Be careful not to overlook your personal assets outside your business.  In addition to protecting your wealth from lawsuits and the IRS, you want to shield yourself from bankruptcy, divorce, probate, and guardianship. If you wait until you are served with a lawsuit or the death or disability of yourself or a loved one, it will be too late.  Protecting wealth means protecting your values so you have your money for your life's horizons such as education for your children, travel, entertainment, health and security.  Take action now to protect everything. 

Some things to understand:

  • You want to control assets, not own them.
  • How to use trusts and entities to get your property out of your name.
  • How revocable living trusts can be used to avoid the expense, delay, and publicity of probate; save estate taxes; and avoid Guardianship proceeding.  The living trust is replacing the Will. How to avoid the dangers of joint tenancy.
  • How life insurance can be a tool for protecting your assets from catastrophic illness expenses.  (Learn what your insurance agent forgot to tell you.)
  • How to protect your safe assets from your dangerous assets.

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Litigation in America is serious stuff.  A lawsuit from a totally unexpected source can wipe out everything you have worked so hard to accumulate.  In one fell swoop. Your lifetime savings could become prey to a judgment creditor and his gold-digging attorney.

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